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Snowflake is a decentralized, Peer-to-Peer cryptocurrency which is private and quick. Our vision is to deliver a secure, private, fast and fun currency to improve the future. Snowflake is designed to gain value over time and to be a rare commodity that is easily and quickly transferable.



  • GUI Wallets

    Q4 2021 / Q1 2022

    We will be creating a fast and open-source wallet for Android, Windows, Linux and Mac. It allows you to safely store, send and receive your Snowflake coins without worrying about the technical details. It features automatic connection to remote nodes, multi-language support and a built-in currency converter.

  • Mobile Miner

    Q1 2022

    We will be creating a high performance and open-source application for mining Snowflake on Android mobile devices.

  • Exchange Listing

    Q2 / Q3 2022

    Snowflake will be listed on it's first exchange.

  • Semi Smart Contracts

    Q2 / Q3 2022

    Smart contracts are programs stored on a blockchain that run when predetermined conditions are met. Create your own token in the Snowflake Network.

  • SnowEx

    Q2 / Q3 2022

    Snowflake will be launching it's very own exchange. Exchange your Snowflake with all popular cryptocurrnecies.

Name & Ticker

Snowflake (SNW)

Genesis Date


Hashing Algorithm

Argon2id / Chukwa

Block Time

150 seconds

Maximum Supply

15,000,000 SNW


225,000 SNW (1.5%)


Founder / Developer
Founder / Developer